About us


We’re glad to have you on the official site of Elveela Fashion School (a subsidiary of Elveela Fashions) . Elveela Fashions stands for excellence, creativity and innovation. We’re not just another fashion house but a center that harnesses talents and transforms dreams.

If you’re aspiring to become a fashion designer, you can see your dream come true by choosing Elveela Fashion school. We help you mold and improve your innate creative instinct. Besides our premium fashion school rated high among the global players, we specialize in ready to wear and Bespoke outfits.

What we do:

We equip our students with Fashion and Designs through pattern drafting, pattern illustration and general sewing skills, our school curriculum addresses the business side of fashion which is a business training package designed to enable our students starts their own business immediately after training with us.
Minimum qualification needed is simply the prospective student’s ability to read and write

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