We’re glad to have you on the official site of Elveela Fashion School (a subsidiary of Elveela Fashions) . Elveela Fashions stands for excellence, creativity and innovation. We’re not just another fashion house but a center that harnesses talents and transforms dreams.

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Join the next session at Elveela fashion School starting  from April 22nd, 2019 and start on the path to success. We select students based on their passion to learn, intellectual curiosity and creativity.

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Introductory courses

  • Elveela Certified Fashion Associate (ECFA)

  • Elveela Certified Tailoring Assistant (ECTA)

Advance courses

  • Elveela Certified Fashion Designer (ECFD)

  • Elveela Certified Fashion Professional (ECFP)

  • Elveela Certified Creative Designer (ECCD)

  • Ngozi
    Where do I start from? Elveela Fashion School had helped me in ways I couldn't even imagine. I came with no knowledge of sewing but now I can proudly say I am growing in the fashion world all thanks to EFS. i will raise my shoulder and recommend the school to anyone without any fear of the person being disappointed.
  • Mrs Confidence
    I was a novice when I came but now I have the knowledge only with help of Elveela Fashion School. Elveela Fashion School place to be.
    Mrs Confidence
  • Mrs Ayeni
    Elveela fashion School has improved my sewing skills and I have learnt alot. its been very interesting.
    Mrs Ayeni
  • Oyin
    Hmm, ELVEELA FASHION SCHOOL has helped me a lot. I had no knowledge of sewing but, when I got to EFS I could sew, within few days I made my first skirt. And now I can boldly recommend EFS to anyone.
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